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Making Your Waterfront Property Dream View Possible

Being able to live on the coast comes with many perks, but nothing quite beats admiring a beautiful view from your home. The changing natural world around you, rising and setting of the sun, fall foliage, wildlife and of course water views. Whether you are relaxing on your deck in the morning with a cup of coffee or eating dinner out on the patio watching the sunset, being able to enjoy what nature has to offer is one of the many things that draws people to the coast.

However, living on the coast also comes with its own responsibilities and regulations that some are not aware of when looking at improving their properties or buying a new one. When looking at purchasing properties with amazing vistas, making sure you can preserve them is often not something property owners think about. Many properties that do benefit from these extraordinary vistas require approval from local jurisdictional authorities, such as conservation or natural resource departments.

Sometimes these vistas have been historically maintained and not legally “approved” or “permitted”. When property owners run into this issue it can turn the view they thought bought into something that they otherwise may have reconsidered. Luckily, there are often ways of permitting and improving vistas through the removal of invasive species and establishment of native plants communities that are conducive to long term goals.



At Crawford Land Management, we approach vista management with ecologically sound, long-term solutions in mind. We manage both property owner’s expectations and priorities while protecting fragile coastal ecosystems. By advising our clientele from start to finish as to what may be permissible, they can make educated decisions about their current or prospective properties to ensure they can be enjoyed to their fullest extent.

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