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Recognized as One of the Top 10 Ecological Restoration Services Providers of 2024 by Environmental Business Review, for Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Recovery and Ecosystem Health

In a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront of conversations, we are proud that our team at Crawford Land Management stands out, recently being recognized as one of the Top 10 Ecological Restoration Services Providers of 2024. Our commitment to environmental recovery and ecosystem health has helped to set us apart. Specializing in ecological restoration and shoreline stabilization, CLM has become a leader in the land management field on Cape Cod.

Dedication to Cape Cod’s Ecosystem

Unlike organizations with a global focus, our efforts are dedicated to the preservation of Cape Cod’s unique ecological diversity. Our founders, Jen and Nick Crawford, share a deep personal connection with the region, fueling their dedication to maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems on Cape Cod. Nick emphasizes, “The work we engage in is important to prevent excessive development in the Cape and safeguard its ecological diversity. Without the work we do, Cape Cod would not look the same.”

Expertise in Regulatory Navigation

The success of CLM stems from our team's extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and our ability to help clients achieve their project goals efficiently. In-depth experience in navigating the Wetlands Protection Act and local town regulations allows us to interpret and apply these regulations to each project we work on. The collaboration between environmental designers, civil engineers, architects, and attorneys ensures a comprehensive approach to project permitting.

From Design to Implementation

Our comprehensive approach beyond permitting and consulting also helps to set CLM apart. Our team actively implements proposed solutions, creating a direct feedback loop between consultants and field crews. This feedback serves as a testing ground for various techniques, bridging the gap between design and real-world execution. This strategy ensures continuous refinement of management and implementation techniques, allowing us to modify practices to the specific needs of clients and the changing environmental conditions at a site.

Diverse and Experienced Team

Our CLM team brings a blend of experience and diverse backgrounds. Nick’s hands-on field knowledge combined with Jen’s expertise in project design ensures seamless project implementation with aesthetically pleasing results. Consisting of members from various disciplines, our team gains first-hand experience in the field, guaranteeing that methodologies are both feasible and effective.

Crawford Land Management’s recognition as one of the Top 10 Ecological Restoration Services Providers in 2024 is a testament to our commitment to environmental recovery and ecosystem health. By combining the knowledge and experience of our team with true passion, we have been able to establish ourselves as leaders in delivering comprehensive and effective ecological restoration solutions. Jen and Nick’s vision and dedication have not only shaped the success of CLM, but have also contributed significantly to the preservation of Cape Cod’s unique and flourishing ecosystems.


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