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There’s a Method to our Madness: Stabilizing and Enhancing Shorelines

Shoreline erosion and flooding pose significant challenges to our coastal environments. In an effort to address these issues, our team at Crawford Land Management utilizes an environmentally friendly approach known as “soft” shoreline stabilization. These innovative techniques, including the use of coir logs and coir pillows, work to reduce erosion, mitigate flooding, and increase habitat value along our beautiful coastlines. Our goal today is to educate on these “soft” solutions, focusing on the numerous benefits of both coir logs and coir pillows.

Coir Logs

Coir logs are constructed with interwoven coconut fibers which are bound together with biodegradable netting. They serve as a temporary protective barrier against erosion while vegetation starts to establish and biological protection eventually takes over. Placed strategically at the eroding edge, coir logs act as a line of defense against the forces of erosion and wave action. These logs can also provide a stable substrate for plant growth, especially once the log begins to naturally decay. This facilitates the protection of native and newly installed plants, further contributing to shoreline stabilization.

Coir Pillows

Coir Pillows are another eco-friendly solution that CLM utilizes for shoreline stabilization. These innovative cushions are composed of 1-2 inch thick pads of coir mattress fiber encased in a woven coir blanket. They work to create a strong and stabilizing exterior fabric, effectively resisting erosive forces, while still providing an interior that can hold vegetation and seeds. This dual-purpose design not only protects the shoreline but also promotes new and sustained growth. Like coir logs, coir pillows are biodegradable as well. As they decompose over time, they enrich the soil and provide a nurturing environment for future growth.

In the ongoing effort to protect our shorelines from erosion and flooding, CLM offers remarkable “soft” solutions, through both coir logs and coir pillows. Not only do these methods strengthen and stabilize our coastlines, but they increase habitat value at the same time. As an added benefit, their biodegradable compositions ensure that they leave a positive mark on the environment. As we continue to partner with our communities, and each of you, to seek sustainable solutions for coastal challenges, coir-based methods provide a perfect example of how we can work alongside nature to protect and promote the health of our beautiful shorelines.


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